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The program « Master in Advanced Mathematics »...

par Yulia Kuznetsova - publié le

The program « Master in Advanced Mathematics » is created to prepare graduate students for PhD studies. It is specialized in the domains of research of the five teams of the Laboratory of Mathematics of Besançon : functional analysis, numerical analysis and scientific computing, partial differential equations, probability and statistics, number theory.

Courses proposed :

Semester 1 (30 ects) :
2 mandatory courses : Students’ seminar, Professional project workshop.
Introduction to research : 1 mini-project, mandatory.
3 courses to choose from :
Algebra, general course (in French) ;
Analysis, general course (in French) ;
Stochastic modelling, general course (in French) ;
Functional analysis, fundamental course ;
Numerical analysis and scientific computing, fundamental course ;
Partial differential equations, fundamental course ;
Probability and statistics, fundamental course ;
Number theory, fundamental course.

The rule is at most 2 general courses and thus 1 to 3 fundamental ones.

Semester 2 (30 ects) :
1 Master thesis, in one of the 5 domains corresponding to fundamental courses.
1 course to choose from :
Functional analysis, specialized course ;
Numerical analysis and scientific computing, specialized course ;
Partial differential equations, specialized course ;
Probability and statistics, specialized course ;
Number theory, specialized course.

Exact contents of the specialized courses is adapted to the research projects of the students.