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Semaine du 19 au 23 octobre 2020

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Mardi 20 octobre

Séminaire Algèbre et Théorie des Nombres, 13h45, salle 316B

  • F. BATTISTONI (Post-doctorant LmB), Densities of primes providing average ranks of elliptic curves

    Résumé : Given an elliptic curve E over Q(T), which can be thought as a family of rational curves, a conjecture by Nagao affirms that the rank of E over Q(T) is the result of a limit which involves the prime numbers p and the trace of the Frobenius mod p of the elliptic curves in the family E.
    Assuming that the coefficients of E are polynomials with degree not exceeding 2, Nagao’s conjecture is known to be true : in joint work with S. Bettin, C. David and C. Delaunay, we present the precise values of the rank of E. In particular, we highlight how knowing the densities of prime numbers with given splitting type in number fields of low degree is crucial in order to get the exact result.

Mercredi 21 octobre

Concert Musique et mathématiques, 18h30, Petit Kursaal de Besançon

  • Yann LEGUAY et Inga Huld HAKONARDOTTIR, Again the sunset