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22 septembre 2020: 1 événement

  • Séminaire d’Analyse Fonctionnelle

    Mardi 22 septembre 13:45-15:00 - Biswarup Das - Wroclaw University

    Towards quantizing separate continuity : A quantum version of Ellis joint continuity theorem

    Résumé : Let S be a topological space, which is also a semigroup with identity, such that the multiplication is separately continuous. Such semigroups are called semitopological semigroups. These type of objects occur naturally, if onestudies weakly almost periodic compactification of a topological group. Now if we assume the following : (a) The topology of S is locally compact. (b) Abstract algebraically speaking, S is a group (i.e. every element has an inverse). (c) The multiplication is separately continuous as above (no other assumption. This is the only assumption concerning the interaction of the topology with the group structure). Then it follows that S becomes a topological group i.e. : (a) The multiplication becomes jointly continuous. (b) The inverse is also continuous. This extremely beautiful fact was proven by R. Ellis in 1957 and is known in the literature as Ellis joint continuity theorem. In this talk, we will prove a non-commutative version of this result. Upon briefly reviewing the notion of semitopological semigroup, we will introduce ’’compact semitopological quantum semigroup’’ which were before introduced by M. Daws in 2014 as a tool to study almost periodicity of Hopf von Neumann algebras. Then we will give a necessary and sufficient condition on these objects, so that they become a compact quantum group. As a corollary, we will give a new proof of the Ellis joint continuity theorem as well. This is the joint work with Colin Mrozinski.

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