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4 avril 2017: 1 événement

  • Séminaire d’Analyse Fonctionnelle

    Mardi 4 avril 2017 13:45-15:00 - Kangwei Li - Basque Center for Applied Mathematics

    Sawyer’s conjecture : history and beyond

    Résumé : In this talk, I will introduce the Sawyer’s conjecture, which was proposed by Sawyer in 1980s. Then in 2005, Cruz-Uribe, Martell and Pérez finally solved this conjecture, they also proposed a new conjecture, which can be viewed as the most singular case of several extensions of Sawyer’s conjecture. I will give a positive answer to the new conjecture. Several quantitative estimates are also obtained. This work is jointly with Sheldy Ombrosi and Carlos Pérez.

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