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  • n° 2015/4 : L.  JEANJEAN, T.  LUO, W.  ZHI-QIANG,
    Multiple normalized solutions for quasi-linear Schrödinger equations.

  • n° 2015/3 : F.  AMMAR KHODJA, F.  CHOULY, M.  DUPREZ,
    Partial null controllability of parabolic linear system by $m$ forces.

  • n° 2015/2 : L.  JEANJEAN, J.  BELLAZZINI,
    On dipolar quantum gases in the unstable regime.

  • n° 2015/1 : L.  JEANJEAN, H.R.  QUOIRIN,
    Multiple solutions for an indefinite elliptic problem with critical growth in the gradient.

  • n° 2014/11 : P.  KLEIN, X.  ANTOINE, C.  BESSE,
    Absorbing boundary conditions for the two-dimensional Schrödinger equation with an exterior potential. Part 2 : discretization and numerical results..

  • n° 2014/10 : P.  KLEIN, X.  ANTOINE, C.  BESSE,
    Absorbing boundary conditions for the two-dimensional Schrödinger equation with an exterior potential. Part 1 : construction and $a$ $priori$ estimates.

  • n° 2014/9 : L.  BOULTON,
    Bounds for Eigenvalues and Spectral Pollution.

  • n° 2014/8 : P.  HILD, Y.  RENARD, F.  CHOULY,
    A Nitsche finite element method for dynamic contact : 2. Stability of the schemes and numerical experiments.

  • n° 2014/7 : P.  HILD, Y.  RENARD, F.  CHOULY,
    A Nitsche finite element method for dynamic contact : 1. Semi-discrete problem analysis and time-marching schemes.

  • n° 2014/6 : F.  CHOULY, A.  LOZINSKI ,
    Parareal multi-model numerical zoom for parabolic multiscale problems.

  • n° 2014/5 : C.  KOKONENDJI, B.  JØRGENSEN, J.  CUENIN,
    Tweedie random vectors : construction and simulation.

    A characterization of multivariate normal stable Tweedie models and their associated polynomials.

  • n° 2014/3 : C.  KOKONENDJI, K.  NISA,
    Generalized variance in multivariate normal-Poisson models and an analysis of variance.

  • n° 2014/2 : C.  KOKONENDJI, S.M.  SOMÉ ,
    On multivariate associated kernels for smoothing general density function.

    Rmixmod : The R Package of the Model-Based Unsupervised, Supervised and Semi-Supervised Classification Mixmod Library.

  • n° 2013/19 : L.  JEANJEAN, D.  ARCOYA, C.  DE COSTER, K.  TANAKA,
    Remarks on the uniqueness for quasilinear elliptic equations with quadratic growth conditions.

  • n° 2013/18 : H.  OUKHABA, S.  VIGUIÉ,
    On the $\mu$-invariant of Katz $p$-adic $L$ functions attached to imaginary quadratic fields and applications.

  • n° 2013/17 : C.  MAIRE,
    Some examples of FAB and mild pro-$p$-group with trivial cup-group.

  • n° 2013/16 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO,
    On equivariant characteristic ideals of real classes.

  • n° 2013/15 : C.  KOKONENDJI, N.  ZOUGAB, S.  ADJABI,
    Variable bandwidth matrices selection in multivariate kernel density estimation using Bayesian approach.

  • n° 2013/14 : B.  SAUSSEREAU, R.  BIARD,
    Fractional Poisson process : long-range dependence and applications in ruin theory.

  • n° 2013/13 : M.  GAZIBO,
    Degenerate Convection-Diffusion Equation with a Robin boundary condition.

  • n° 2013/12 : L.  JEANJEAN, S.  CINGOLANI, K.  TANAKA,
    Multiplicity of positive solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger equations concentrating at a potential well.

  • n° 2013/11 : L.  JEANJEAN, D.  ARCOYA, C.  DE COSTER, K.  TANAKA,
    Continuum of solutions for an elliptic problem with critical growth in the gradient.

  • n° 2013/10 : C.  DELAUNAY, F.  JOUHET,
    The Cohen-Lenstra heuristics, moments and -ranks of some groups.

  • n° 2013/9 : C.  KOKONENDJI,
    Over- and under-dispersion models.

  • n° 2013/8 : F.  CHOULY,
    An adaptation of Nitsche’s method to the Tresca friction problem.

  • n° 2013/7 : N.  JACON,
    On the regularization process for Ariki-Koike algebras.

  • n° 2013/6 : P.  HILD, Y.  RENARD, F.  CHOULY,
    Symmetric and non-symmetric variants of Nitsche’s method for contact problems in elasticity : theory and numerical experiments.

  • n° 2013/5 : B.  ANDREIANOV, M.  GAZIBO,
    Entropy formulation of degenerate parabolic equation with zero-flux boundary condition.

  • n° 2013/4 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, M.  ALONSO,
    Revisiting Zariski Main Theorem from a constructive point of view.

  • n° 2013/3 : H.  LOMBARDI, C.  QUITTÉ,
    Un polynôme séparable (un exemple d’application du Nullstellensatz formel).

  • n° 2013/2 : H.  LOMBARDI,
    Le mystère de la structure du continu.

  • n° 2013/1 : H.  LOMBARDI,
    Les nombres réels calculables selon Alan Turing (un exemple de définition constructive).

  • n° 2012/25 : U.  FRANZ, T.  HAMDI,
    Stochastic analysis for obtuse random walks.

  • n° 2012/24 : U.  FRANZ, A.  KULA, F.  CIPRIANI,
    Symmetries of Lévy processes, their Markov semigroups and potential theory on compact quantum groups.

  • n° 2012/23 : U.  FRANZ, A.  SKALSKI, T.  BANICA,
    Idempotent states and the inner linearity property.

  • n° 2012/22 : F.  CHOULY, M.  ASTORINO, A.  QUARTERONI,
    Multiscale coupling of finite element and lattice Boltzmann methods for time dependent problems.

  • n° 2012/21 : M.  HARAGUS,
    Transverse dynamics of two-dimensional gravity-capillary periodic water waves.

  • n° 2012/20 : N.  JACON,
    Representations of the symmetric group and its Hecke algebra.

  • n° 2012/19 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO, A.  MOVAHHEDI,
    On universal norms and the first layers of $Zp$-extensions of a number field.

  • n° 2012/18 : C.  DELAUNAY, F.  JOUHET,
    $p/ell-torsion points in finite abelian groups and combinatorial identities.

  • n° 2012/17 : N.  JACON, M.  CHLOUVERAKI,
    On quantized decomposition maps for graded algebras.

  • n° 2012/16 : C.  KOKONENDJI, A.  MASMOUDI,
    On the Monge-Ampère equation for characterizing gamma-Gaussian model.

  • n° 2012/15 : P.  HILD, F.  CHOULY,
    A Nitsche-based method for unilateral contact problems : numerical analysis.

  • n° 2012/14 : G.  LANCIEN, E.  PERNECKA,
    Approximation properties and Schauder decompositions in Lipschitz-free spaces.

  • n° 2012/13 : M.  KRAUS,
    Coarse and uniform embeddings between Orlicz sequence spaces.

  • n° 2012/12 : G.  LANCIEN, P.  BROOKER,
    Three-Space property for asymptotically uniformly smooth renormings.

  • n° 2012/11 : G.  LANCIEN, G.  GODEFROY, V.  ZIZLER,
    The non-linear geometry of Banach Spaces after Nigel Kalton.

    On the cohomological dimension of some Pro-p-Extensions above the cyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-Extension of a number field.

  • n° 2012/9 : P.  HILD, F.  CHOULY,
    On convergence of the penalty method for unilateral contact problems.

  • n° 2012/8 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    Contractive properties of perturbations of the identity by positive contractions in ordered Banach spaces and related topics.

  • n° 2012/7 : C.  DELAUNAY, E.  FRICAIN, E.  MOSAKI, O.  ROBERT,
    Zero-free regions for Dirichlet series (II).

  • n° 2012/6 : L.  JEANJEAN, T.  LUO,
    Sharp non-existence results of prescribed L²-norm solutions for a class of stationary Schrӧdinger-Poisson equations.

  • n° 2012/5 : S.  NEUWIRTH,
    La mathématisation du continu par les Éléates et les Pythagoriciens.

    Asymptotic geometry of Banach Spaces and uniform quotient maps.

  • n° 2012/3 : N.  JACON, C.  LECOUVEY,
    A combinatorial decomposition of higher level Fock spaces.

  • n° 2012/2 : R.  LÉANDRE,
    Estimate of an hypoelliptic heat-kernel outside the cut-locus in semi-group theory.

  • n° 2012/1 : K.  MAUFFREY,
    On the null controllability of a 3 X 3 parabolic system with non constant coefficients by one or two control forces.

  • n° 2011/26 : R.  LÉANDRE,
    An Hoermander theorem for fractional powers of Laplacian.

  • n° 2011/25 : F.  CHOULY, G.  R. BARRENECHEA,
    A local projection stabilized method for fictitious domains.

  • n° 2011/24 : C.  KOKONENDJI, N.  ZOUGAB, S.  ADJABI,
    Adaptive smoothing in associated kernel discrete functions estimation using Bayesian approach.

  • n° 2011/23 : L.  JEANJEAN, T.  LUO, J.  BELLAZZINI,
    Existence and instability of standing waves with prescribed norm for a class of Schrödinger-Poisson equations.

    Normal stable Tweedie models and power generalized variance functions of only one component.

  • n° 2011/21 : C.  MAIRE, G.  PERBET, J.  JAULENT,
    Sur les formules asymptotiques le long des Ζe-extensions..

  • n° 2011/20 : C.  KOKONENDJI, N.  ZOUGAB, S.  ADJABI,
    Binomial kernel and Bayes local bandwidth in discrete functions estimation..

  • n° 2011/19 : S.  VIGUIÉ,
    On the two-variables main conjecture for extensions of imaginary quadratic -fields..

  • n° 2011/18 : M.  HARAGUS, A.  SCHEEL,
    Grain boundaries in the Swift-Hohenberg equation.

  • n° 2011/17 : E.  RICARD, D.  SJOERD,
    Some remarks on noncommutative Khintchine inequalities.

  • n° 2011/16 : J.  DAUXOIS, A.  GUILLOUX, S.N.  KIRMANI,
    Estimation in a competing risks proportional hazards model under length-biased sampling with censoring.

  • n° 2011/15 : J.  DAUXOIS, D.  VARRON, A.  FLESCH,
    Empirical likelihood confidence bands for mean functions of recurrent events with competing risks and a terminal event.

  • n° 2011/14 : N.  JACON, M.  CHLOUVERAKI,
    Schur Elements for the Ariki-Koike algebra and applications.

  • n° 2011/13 : E.  RICARD, U.  FRANZ, F.  HIAI,
    Higher order extension of Löwner’s theory : Operator k-tone functions.

  • n° 2011/12 : S.  VIGUIÉ,
    Invariants and coinvariants of semilocal units modulo elliptic units.

  • n° 2011/11 : S.  VIGUIÉ,
    Global units modulo elliptic units and ideal class groups..

  • n° 2011/10 : S.  VIGUIÉ,
    On the classical main conjecture for imaginary quadratic fields..

  • n° 2011/9 : S.  VIGUIÉ,
    The x-part of the analytic class number formula, for global function fields..

  • n° 2011/8 : F.  CHOULY, P.  LAGRéE,
    Comparison of computations of asymptotic flow models in a constricted channel.

  • n° 2011/7 : H.  OUKHABA,
    A special case of the main conjecture of imaginary quadratic fields.

  • n° 2011/6 : L.  JEANJEAN,
    Some continuation properties via minimax arguments.

  • n° 2011/5 : H.  LOMBARDI,
    Un anneau de Prüfer.

  • n° 2011/4 : F.  CHOULY, N.  HEUER,
    A Nitsche-based domain decomposition method for hypersingular integral.

  • n° 2011/3 : G.  LANCIEN,
    A short course on non linear geometry of Banach spaces.

  • n° 2011/2 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    Form-bound estimates for multi-particle Schrödinger-type Hamiltonians.

  • n° 2011/1 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    Compactness properties of sub-stochastic semigroups on L1(u) with applications to discreteness and spectral gaps.

  • n° 2010/29 : C.  KOKONENDJI, B.  JØRGENSEN,
    Dispersion Models for Geometric Sums.

  • n° 2010/28 : J.  DAUXOIS, L.  BORDES, P.  JOLY,
    Semi- and non-parametric analysis of right censored lifetime data under competing risks when some causes of failure cause are missing completely at random.

  • n° 2010/27 : L.  JEANJEAN, B.  SIRAKOV,
    Existence and multiplicity for elliptic problems with quadratic growth in the gradient.

  • n° 2010/26 : V.  MAHÉ,
    Prime Power terms in elliptic divisibility sequences.

  • n° 2010/25 : J.  BLONDEAU-PATISSIER,
    Lifting of nearly extraordinary Galois representations.

  • n° 2010/24 : H.  OUKHABA,
    On Iwasawa theory of elliptic units and 2-ideal class groups.

  • n° 2010/23 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    New generation theorems in transport theory.

  • n° 2010/22 : C.  KOKONENDJI, M.  PéREZ-CASANY,
    Any count distribution is a weighted Poisson distribution.

  • n° 2010/21 : E.  RICARD, H.H.  LEE,
    Hypercontractivity on the q-Araki-Woods algebras.

  • n° 2010/20 : G.  PERBET,
    Sur les invariants d’Iwasawa dans les extensions de Lie p-adiques.

  • n° 2010/19 : E.  RICARD, C.  HOUDAYER,
    Approximation properties and absence of cartan subalgebra for free araki-woods factors.

  • n° 2010/18 : B.  SAUSSEREAU, S.  LUCRETIU,
    Scalar conservation laws with fractional stochastic forcing : existence, uniqueness and invariant measure.

  • n° 2010/17 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    Compactness properties of sub-stochastic semigroups on measure spaces with applications to discreteness and spectral gaps.

  • n° 2010/16 : H.  OUKHABA, S.  VIGUIÉ,
    On Gras conjecture for imaginary quadratic fields.

  • n° 2010/15 : C.  KOKONENDJI, S.S.  ZOCCHI,
    Discrete triangular distribution and its extensions.

    On an extension of the negative binomial distribution.

  • n° 2010/13 : H.  LOMBARDI, I.  YENGUI, P.  SCHUSTER,
    The Gröbner Ring Conjecture in One Variable.

  • n° 2010/12 : M.  HARAGUS, A.  SCHEEL,
    Dislocations in an anisotropic Swift-Hohenberg equation.

  • n° 2010/11 : M.  HARAGUS,
    Transverse spectral stability of small periodic traveling waves for the KP equation.

  • n° 2010/10 : H.  OUKHABA, S.  VIGUIÉ,
    The Gras Conjecture in function fields by Euler Systems.

  • n° 2010/9 : E.  RICARD, J.  BOURIN,
    An asymmetric Kadison’s inequality.

  • n° 2010/8 : E.  RICARD, A.  STAN,
    The Herz-Schur multiplier norm of the characteristic function of a Leinert set.

  • n° 2010/7 : S.  VIGUIÉ,
    Index-modules and applications.

  • n° 2010/6 : N.  JACON, S.  ARIKI, C.  LECOUVEY,
    Factorization of the canonical bases for higher level fock spaces.

    Rates of convergence to equilibrium states in the stochastic theory of neutron transport.

  • n° 2010/4 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    Perturbation theory for convolution semigroups.

  • n° 2010/3 : E.  PANOV,
    Ultraparabolic H-measures and compensated compactness.

  • n° 2010/2 : F.  AMMAR KHODJA, A.  MÜNCH, K.  MAUFFREY,
    Exact boundary controllability of a system of mixed order with essential spectrum.

  • n° 2010/1 : G.  LANCIEN, F.  BAUDIER, N.J.  KALTON,
    A new metric invariant for Banach Spaces.

  • n° 2009/42 : N.  JACON,
    Constructible representations and basic sets in type B.

  • n° 2009/41 : N.  JACON, M.  CHLOUVERAKI,
    Schur elements and basic sets for cyclomotic Hecke algebras.

  • n° 2009/40 : L.  JEANJEAN, M.  COLIN, .  SQUASSINA M,
    Stability and instability results for standing waves of quasi-linear Schrödinger equations.

  • n° 2009/39 : L.  JEANJEAN, .  SQUASSINA M,
    An approach to minimization under constraint : the added mass technique.

  • n° 2009/38 : S.  NEUWIRTH, E.  RICARD,
    Transfer of Fourier multipliers into Schur multipliers and sumsets in a discrete group.

  • n° 2009/37 : H.  LOMBARDI, G.M.  DIAZ-TOCA,
    A polynomial bound on the number of comaximal localizations needed in order to make free a projective module.

  • n° 2009/36 : C.  MAIRE,
    Plongements locaux et extensions de corps de nombres.

  • n° 2009/35 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI, L.  ARLOTTI, B.  LODS,
    On perturbed substochastic semigroups in abstract state spaces.

  • n° 2009/34 : T.N.  BEKJAN, M.  PERRIN, Z.  CHEN, Z.  YIN,
    Atomic decomposition and interpolation for Hardy spaces of noncommutative martingales.

  • n° 2009/33 : M.  PERRIN,
    A noncommutative Davis’ decomposition for martingales.

  • n° 2009/32 : E.  RICARD, Q.  XU,
    Complex interpolation of weighted noncommutative Lp-spaces.

  • n° 2009/31 : Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE,
    Representation of certain homogeneous Hilbertian operator spaces and applications.

  • n° 2009/30 : Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE, U.  HAAGERUP,
    A reduction method for noncommutative Lp-spaces and applications.

  • n° 2009/29 : Y.  JIAO,
    Burkholder’s inequalities in noncommutative Lorentz spaces.

  • n° 2009/28 : Y.  JIAO,
    Carleson measures and vector-valued BMO martingales.

  • n° 2009/27 : U.  FRANZ, A.  SKALSKI,
    A new characterisation of idempotent states on finite and compact quantum groups.

  • n° 2009/26 : Y.  KABANOV, E.  DENIS,
    Consistent price systems and arbitrage opportunities of the second kind in models with transaction costs.

  • n° 2009/25 : M.  HARAGUS, T.  KAPITULA,
    Spots and stripes in NLS-type equations with nearly one-dimensional potentials.

  • n° 2009/24 : F.  AMMAR KHODJA, A.  MÜNCH, S.  MICU,
    Controllabillity of a string submitted to unilateral constraint.

  • n° 2009/23 : M.  BOSTAN, V.  LLERAS,
    Some remarks on time-dependent variational problems and their asymptotic behaviour.

  • n° 2009/22 :
    Conoyaux de capitulation et modules d’Iwasawa.

  • n° 2009/21 : B.  ANDREIANOV, M.  MALIKI,
    A note on uniqueness of entropy solutions to degenerate parabolic equations in Rn.

  • n° 2009/20 : E.  DENIS,
    Leland’s strategies under transaction costs : concave pay-off functions.

  • n° 2009/19 : E.  DENIS,
    Modified Leland’s strategy for constant transaction costs rate.

  • n° 2009/18 : E.  DENIS,
    Approximate hedging of contingent claims under transaction costs for general pay-offs.

  • n° 2009/17 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, P.  SCHUSTER,
    Spectral schemes as ringed lattices.

  • n° 2009/16 : H.  LOMBARDI, G.M.  DIAZ-TOCA,
    Dynamic Galois theory.

  • n° 2009/15 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO, V.  NICOLAS,
    Nombres de Weil, sommes de Gauss et annulateurs Galoisiens.

  • n° 2009/14 : U.  FRANZ, A.  SKALSKI, R.  TOMATSU,
    Classification of idempotent states on the compact quantum groups Uq(2), SUq(2) and SOq(3).

  • n° 2009/13 : U.  FRANZ, A.  SKALSKI,
    On idempotent states on quantum groups.

  • n° 2009/12 : M.  MARIS,
    Traveling waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with nonzero conditions at infinity.

  • n° 2009/11 : B.  ANDREIANOV, M.  BENDAHMANE, S.  OUARO,
    Structural stability for nonlinear elliptic problems of the p(x)- and p(u)- laplacian kind.

  • n° 2009/10 : H.  OUKHABA, J.  ASSIM,
    Stark units in Zp-extensions.

  • n° 2009/9 : V.  LLERAS, C.  BUI, O.  PANTZ,
    Dynamics of red blood cells in 2D.

  • n° 2009/8 : Y.  KABANOV, E.  DENIS,
    Mean square error for the Leland-Lott hedging strategy : convex pay-offs.

  • n° 2009/7 : Y.  KABANOV, E.  DENIS,
    Functional limit theorem for Leland-Lott hedging strategy.

  • n° 2009/6 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Permanent regimes for the Vlasov-Maxwell equations with specular boundary conditions.

  • n° 2009/5 : B.  ANDREIANOV, M.  BENDAHMANE, K.H.  KARLSEN , S.  OUARO,
    Well-posedness results for triply nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations.

  • n° 2009/4 : B.  ANDREIANOV, M.  BENDAHMANE,
    On discrete duality finite volume discretization of gradient and divergence operators in 3D.

  • n° 2009/3 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, C.  QUITTÉ,
    Curves and coherent Prüfer rings.

  • n° 2009/2 : C.  LE MERDY, C.  KRIEGLER,
    Tensor extension properties of C(K)-representations and applications to unconditionality.

  • n° 2009/1 : N.  JACON, C.  LECOUVEY,
    Kashiwara and zelevinsky involutions in affine type A.

  • n° 2008/36 : F.  TAVARES RIBEIRO,
    An explicit formula for the Hilbert symbol of a formal group.

  • n° 2008/35 : C.  MAIRE,
    Sur la liberté des modules d’Iwasawa.

  • n° 2008/34 : P.  HILD, J.  FERNANDEZ ,
    A priori and a posteriori error analyses in the study of viscoelastic problems.

  • n° 2008/33 : V.  LLERAS,
    A stabilized Lagrange multiplier method for the finite element approximation of frictional contact problems in elastostatics.

  • n° 2008/32 :
    Weak* dentability index of C(K) spaces.

  • n° 2008/31 : N.  JACON, S.  ARIKI, C.  LECOUVEY,
    The modular branching rule for affine Hecke algebras of type A.

  • n° 2008/30 : E.  RICARD, A.  KULA,
    On a convolution for q-normal operators.

  • n° 2008/29 : F.  BAUDIER,
    Embeddings of proper metric spaces into Banach spaces.

  • n° 2008/28 : P.  HILD, Y.  RENARD, V.  LLERAS,
    A posteriori error analysis for Poisson’s equation approximated by XFEM.

  • n° 2008/27 : O.  DUDAS,
    Deligne-Lusztig restriction of a Gelfand-Graev module.

  • n° 2008/26 : L.  JEANJEAN, M.  SQUASSINA,
    Existence and symmetry of least energy solutions for a class of quasi-linear elliptic equations.

  • n° 2008/25 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI, B.  LODS, .  SBIHI B,
    Spectral properties of general advection operators and weighed translation semigroups.

  • n° 2008/24 : C.  BONNAFÉ, M.  DYER,
    Semidirect product decomposition of Coxeter groups.

  • n° 2008/23 : L.  JEANJEAN, M.  MARIS, J.  BYEON,
    Symmetry and monotonicity of least energy solutions.

  • n° 2008/22 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    On Kazhdan-Lusztig cells in type B.

  • n° 2008/21 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    Automorphisms of Coxeter groups and lusztig’s conjectures for Hecke algebras wih unequal parameters.

  • n° 2008/20 : S.  BARHOUMI,
    Seminomality and polynominal rings.

  • n° 2008/19 : P.  HILD, J.  FERNANDEZ ,
    A posteriori error analysis for the normal compliance problem.

  • n° 2008/18 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    Semi-continuité des cellules de Kazhdan-Lusztig.

  • n° 2008/17 : C.  BONNAFÉ, R.  ROUQUIER,
    Compactification des variétés de Deligne-Lusztig.

  • n° 2008/16 : C.  BONNAFÉ, N.  JACON,
    Cellular Structures on Hecke Algebras of Type B.

  • n° 2008/15 : M.  MARIS,
    On the symmetry of minimizers.

  • n° 2008/14 : J.  BELLIARD,
    Asymptotic cohomology of circular units.

  • n° 2008/13 : N.  JACON, C.  LECOUVEY,
    On the Mullineux involution for Ariki-Koike algebras.

  • n° 2008/12 : M.  HARAGUS,
    Stability of periodic waves for the generalized BBM equation.

  • n° 2008/11 : H.  LOMBARDI, M.  ALONSO,
    Local Bezout Theorem.

  • n° 2008/10 : F.  PITOUN,
    Module d’Iwasawa non ramifié et radicaux kummériens.

  • n° 2008/9 : A.  MÜNCH,
    Exact boundary controllability of a circular arch.

  • n° 2008/8 : C.  LE MERDY, F.  SUKOCHEV,
    Rademacher averages on noncommutative symmetric spaces.

  • n° 2008/7 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    On Schrödinger semigroups and related topics.

  • n° 2008/6 : C.  STRICKER, T.  CHOULLI,
    Comparing the minimal Hellinger martingale measure .

  • n° 2008/5 : Y.  DUTRIEUX, G.  LANCIEN,
    Isometric embeddings of compact spaces into banach spaces.

  • n° 2008/4 : A.  MÜNCH, B.  MIARA,
    Control of piezoelectric body. Theory and numerical simulation.

  • n° 2008/3 : A.  MÜNCH, P.  PEDREGAL,
    Relaxation of an optimal design problem in fracture mechanic.

  • n° 2008/2 : P.  FIMA, L.  VAINERMAN,
    A locally compact quantum group of triangular matrices.

  • n° 2008/1 : P.  FIMA, L.  VAINERMAN,
    Twisting and Rieffel’s deformation of locally compact quantum groups. Deformation of Haar measure.

  • n° 2007/51 : P.  HILD, V.  LLERAS,
    Residual error estimators for Coulomb friction.

  • n° 2007/50 : L.  JEANJEAN, S.  LE COZ,
    Instability for standing waves of nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations via mountain-pass arguments.

  • n° 2007/49 : S.  LE COZ,
    A note on Berestycki-Cazenave’s classical instability result for nonlinear Schrödinger equations.

  • n° 2007/48 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI, J.  VOIGT,
    On honesty of perturbed substochastic $C_0$-semigroups in $L^1$-spaces.

  • n° 2007/45 : A.  OSEKOWSKI,
    Sharp norm inequalities for martingales and their differential subordinates.

  • n° 2007/44 : A.  OSEKOWSKI,
    On $\Phi$-inequalities for bounded submartingales and subharmonic functions.

  • n° 2007/43 : A.  OSEKOWSKI,
    Sharp maximal inequality for stochastic integrals.

  • n° 2007/42 : A.  OSEKOWSKI,
    Sharp norm inequality for bounded submartingales.

  • n° 2007/41 : A.  OSEKOWSKI,
    Sharp LlogL inequalities for differentially subordinated martingales and harmonic functions.

  • n° 2007/40 : A.  OSEKOWSKI,
    Sharp inequality for bounded submartingales and their differential subordinates.

  • n° 2007/39 : L.  JEANJEAN, S.  CINGOLANI, S.  SECCHI,
    Multi-peak solutions for magnetic NLS equations without non-degeneracy conditions.

  • n° 2007/38 : P.  HILD, A.  MÜNCH, Y.  OUSSET,
    On the active control of crack growth in elastic media.

  • n° 2007/37 : S.  LE COZ, R.  FUKUIZUMI, G.  FIBICH, B.  KSHERIM, Y.  SIVAN,
    Instability of bound states of a nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a Dirac potential.

  • n° 2007/36 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    On resolvent positive operators in ordered Banach spaces with additive norm and application to semigroup theory.

  • n° 2007/35 : H.  OUKHABA,
    The index of elliptic units in $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions II.

  • n° 2007/34 : A.  MÜNCH, P.  PEDREGAL, F.  PERIAGO,
    Relaxation of an optimal design problem for the heat equation.

  • n° 2007/33 : C.  BONNAFÉ, R.  KESSAR,
    On the endomorphism algebras of modular Gelfand-Graev representations.

  • n° 2007/32 : C.  BONNAFÉ, R.  ROUQUIER,
    Affineness of Deligne-Lusztig varieties for minimal length elements.

  • n° 2007/31 : E.  RICARD,
    A Markov dilation for self-adjoint Schur multipliers.

  • n° 2007/30 : G.  NAMAH, M.  SBIHI,
    Approximation of time periodic viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations.

  • n° 2007/29 : M.  MARIS,
    Nonexistence of supersonic travelling-waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with nonzero conditions at infinity.

  • n° 2007/28 : M.  BOSTAN, E.  CANON, P.  HILD,
    On asymptotic and monotonicity properties for some parameter dependent variational inequalities.

  • n° 2007/27 : M.  BOSTAN, G.  NAMAH,
    Asymptotic solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations with a periodic source term.

  • n° 2007/26 : Y.  HU,
    Maximal ergodic theorems for some group actions.

  • n° 2007/25 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    A (dys)honesty theory for a class of positive perturbed $c_0$-semigroups on the Banach space of trace class operators.

  • n° 2007/24 : B.  ANDREIANOV, K.  SBIHI, P.  WITTBOLD,
    On uniqueness and existence of entropy solutions for a nonlinear parabolic problem with absorption.

  • n° 2007/23 : N.  JACON, C.  LECOUVEY,
    Crystal isomorphisms for irreducible highest weight $mathcal{U}_v (widehat{mathfrak{sl}}_e)$-modules of higher level}.

  • n° 2007/22 : G.  LANCIEN, N.J.  KALTON,
    Best constants for Lipschitz embeddings of metric spaces into $c_0$.

  • n° 2007/21 : A.  MÜNCH, A.F.  PAZOTO,
    Boundary stabilization of a nonlinear shallow beam : Theory and numerical approximation.

  • n° 2007/20 : P.  HILD, Y.  RENARD,
    A stabilized Lagrange multiplier method for the finite element approximation of contact problems in elastostatics.

  • n° 2007/19 : M.  HARAGUS, T.  KAPITULA,
    On the spectra of periodic waves for infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems.

  • n° 2007/18 : M.  HARAGUS, A.  SCHEEL,
    Interfaces between rolls in the Swift-Hohenberg equation.

  • n° 2007/17 : Q.  XU, C.  OUYANG,
    BMO functions and Carleson measures with values in uniformly convex spaces.

  • n° 2007/16 : Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE,
    Noncommutative Burkholder/Rosenthal inequalities II : applications.

  • n° 2007/15 : Q.  XU, T.N.  BEKJAN,
    Riesz and Szegö type factorizations for noncommutative Hardy spaces.

  • n° 2007/14 : Y.  HU,
    Noncommutative extrapolation theorems and applications.

  • n° 2007/13 : H.  LOMBARDI, S.  BARHOUMI,
    An algorithm for the Traverso-Swan theorem on seminormal rings.

  • n° 2007/12 : B.  SAUSSEREAU,
    Transportation inequalities for stochastic differential equations driven by a fractional Brownian motion.

  • n° 2007/11 : H.  LOMBARDI,
    Algebraic properties of real numbers.

  • n° 2007/10 : C.  LE MERDY, E.  RICARD, J.  ROYDOR,
    Completely $1$-complemented subspaces of Schatten spaces.

  • n° 2007/9 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    On permanent regimes for non-autonomous linear evolution equations in Banach spaces with application to transport theory.

  • n° 2007/8 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    On (dis)honesty of perturbed substochastic semigroups in $L^1$ spaces.

  • n° 2007/7 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    On collisionless transport equations with boundary operators of norm one.

  • n° 2007/6 : C.  BONNAFÉ, L.  IANCU, M.  GECK, T.  LAM,
    On domino insertion and Kazhdan-Lusztig cells in type $B_n$.

  • n° 2007/5 : N.  JACON, S.  ARIKI,
    Dipper-James-Murphy’s conjecture for Hecke algebras of type $B_n$.

  • n° 2007/4 : S.  BELHAJ,
    A fast method to block diagonalize a Hankel matrix.

  • n° 2007/3 : H.  LOMBARDI, I.  YENGUI, A.  ELLOUZ,
    A dynamical comparison between the rings $mathbf{R}(X)$ and $\mathbf{R}\langle X \rangle$.

  • n° 2007/2 : U.  FRANZ,
    Monotone and boolean convolutions for non-compactly supported probability measures.

  • n° 2007/1 : A.  MÜNCH, P.  PEDREGAL, F.  PERIAGO,
    Optimal internal stabilization of the linear system of elasticity.

  • n° 2006/55 : M.  BOSTAN, P.  HILD,
    On equilibrium configurations in the Coulomb friction model.

  • n° 2006/54 : S.  NEUWIRTH,
    The maximum modulus of a trigonometric trinomial.

  • n° 2006/53 : L.  JEANJEAN, R.  FUKUIZUMI,
    Stability of standing waves for a nonlinear Schrödinger equation with a repulsive Dirac delta potential.

  • n° 2006/52 : L.  JEANJEAN, K.  TANAKA, J.  BYEON,
    Standing waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with a general nonlinearity : one and two dimensional cases.

  • n° 2006/51 : B.  SAUSSEREAU,
    Compactness of It&ocirc functionals associated to differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motions.

  • n° 2006/50 : G.  LANCIEN, F.  BAUDIER,
    Embeddings of locally finite metric spaces into Banach spaces.

  • n° 2006/49 : Y.  RENARD, H.  KHENOUS, P.  LABORDE,
    Mass redistribution method for finite element contact problems in elastodynamics.

  • n° 2006/48 : C.  LE MERDY, M.  JUNGE,
    Dilations and rigid factorisations on noncommutative $L^p$-spaces.

  • n° 2006/47 : Y.  KABANOV, M.  GAMYS,
    Mean square error for the Leland-Lott hedging strategy.

  • n° 2006/46 : A.  MÜNCH, F.  MAESTRE,
    On a hyperbolic optimal design problem with a damping term.

  • n° 2006/45 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO,
    Quelques suites exactes en Théorie des Genres.

  • n° 2006/44 : Q.  XU, F.  LUST-PIQUARD,
    The little Grothendieck theorem and Khintchine inequalities for symmetric spaces of measurable operators.

  • n° 2006/43 : Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE, J.  PARCET,
    Rosenthal type inequalities for free chaos.

  • n° 2006/42 : C.  LE MERDY, M.  JUNGE, L.  MEZRAG,
    $L^p$-matricially normed spaces and operator space valued Schatten spaces.

  • n° 2006/41 : E.  PANOV,
    Generalized solutions of the Cauchy problem for a transport equation with discontinuous coefficients (lecture notes).

  • n° 2006/40 : F.  BAUDIER,
    Metrical characterization of super-reflexivity and linear type of Banach spaces.

  • n° 2006/39 : M.  HARAGUS, T.  GALLAY,
    Orbital stability of periodic waves for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

  • n° 2006/38 : M.  HARAGUS, T.  GALLAY,
    Stability of small periodic waves for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

  • n° 2006/37 : L.  JEANJEAN, Y.  DING,
    Homoclinic orbits for a non periodic Hamiltonian system.

  • n° 2006/36 : N.  JACON,
    Crystal graphs of irreducible $\mathcal{U}_v(\widehat{sl}_e)$-modules of level two and Uglov bipartitions.

  • n° 2006/35 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Analysis of a particle method for the one dimensional Vlasov-Maxwell system.

  • n° 2006/34 : M.  BOSTAN, T.  GOUDON,
    Low field regime for the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell-Fokker-Planck system ; the one and one half dimensional case.

  • n° 2006/33 : P.  HILD,
    A priori error analysis of a sign preserving mixed finite element method for contact problems.

  • n° 2006/32 : Y.  DING,
    Critical point theorems for strongly indefinite functionals with applications.

  • n° 2006/31 : J.  DAUXOIS, S.  SENCEY,
    Tests for competing recurrent events in presence of a terminal event.

  • n° 2006/30 : A.  MÜNCH, P.  PEDREGAL, F.  MAESTRE,
    Optimal design under the one-dimensional wave equation.

  • n° 2006/29 : M.  BOSTAN, S.  LABRUNIE,
    On the harmonic Boltzmannian waves in laser-plasma interaction.

  • n° 2006/28 : F.  LANCIEN, G.  LANCIEN, I.  DOUST,
    Spectral theory for linear operators on $L^1$ or $C(K)$ spaces.

  • n° 2006/27 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, C.  QUITTÉ, L.  DUCOS,
    Constructive Krull dimension. I : Integral extensions.

    On the stability of essential spectra of semigroups generated by one-dimensional hyperbolic systems.

  • n° 2006/25 : H.  LOMBARDI, I.  YENGUI, S.  BARHOUMI,
    Projective modules over polynomial rings : a constructive approach.

  • n° 2006/24 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    Representation theory of Mantaci-Reutenauer algebras.

  • n° 2006/23 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Boundary value problems for the stationary Nordström-Vlasov system.

  • n° 2006/22 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Stationary solutions for the one dimensional Nordström-Vlasov system.

  • n° 2006/21 : B.  SAUSSEREAU, S.  DARSES,
    Time reversal for drifted fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index $H>1/2$.

  • n° 2006/20 : E.  RICARD, C.  ROSENDAL,
    On the algebraic structure of the unitary group.

  • n° 2006/19 : A.  MÜNCH,
    Optimal design of the support of the control for the 2-D wave equation : numerical investigations.

  • n° 2006/18 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    On the Grothendieck ring of a finite group.

  • n° 2006/17 : M.  BOSTAN, E.  SONNENDRÜCKER,
    Periodic solutions for nonlinear elliptic equations.
    Application to charged particle beam focusing systems.

  • n° 2006/16 : N.  JACON,
    Calcul explicite de certaines cellules de Kazhdan-Lusztig pour le type $A_{n-1}$.

  • n° 2006/15 : A.  MÜNCH,
    Optimal location of the support of the control for the 1-D wave equation : numerical investigations.

  • n° 2006/14 : S.  CHRÉTIEN, F.  CORSET,
    Using the eigenvalue relaxation for binary least-squares estimation problems : a survey .

  • n° 2006/13 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Mild solutions for the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell system for laser-plasma interaction.

  • n° 2006/12 : C.  STRICKER, Y.  KABANOV, D.  DE VALLIERE,
    No-arbitrage properties for financial markets with transaction costs and incomplete information.

  • n° 2006/11 : L.  JEANJEAN, S.  LE COZ,
    An existence and stability result for standing waves of nonlinear Schrödinger equations.

  • n° 2006/10 : G.  LANCIEN, P.  HÁJEK, V.  MONTESINOS,
    Universality of Asplund spaces.

  • n° 2006/9 : C.  BONNAFÉ, R.  ROUQUIER,
    I. Coxeter orbits and modular representations.
    II. On the irreducibility of Deligne-Lusztig varieties.

  • n° 2006/8 : M.  HARAGUS, A.  SCHEEL,
    Stable viscous shocks in elliptic conservation laws.

  • n° 2006/7 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Mild solutions for the one dimensional Nordström-Vlasov system.

  • n° 2006/6 : A.  MÜNCH, P.  PEDREGAL, F.  PERIAGO,
    Optimal design of the damping set for the stabilization of the wave equation.

  • n° 2006/5 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Stationary solutions of the 1 D Vlasov-Maxwell equations for laser-plasma interaction.

  • n° 2006/4 : C.  LE MERDY, S.  BU,
    $H^p$-maximal regularity and operator valued multipliers on Hardy spaces.

  • n° 2006/3 : C.  BONNAFÉ, G.  PFEIFFER,
    Around Solomon’s descent algebras.

  • n° 2006/2 : D.  VAUCLAIR,
    Sur la comparaison des noyaux de Tate d’ordre supérieur.

  • n° 2006/1 : N.  JACON, M.  GECK,
    Canonical basic sets in type $B_n$.

  • n° 2005/49 : P.  HILD, S.  NICAISE,
    Residual a posteriori error estimators for contact problems in elasticity.

  • n° 2005/48 : C.  LE MERDY, Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE,
    $H^\infty$ functional calculus and square functions on noncommutative $L^p$-spaces.

  • n° 2005/47 : E.  PANOV,
    On symmetrizability of hyperbolic matrix spaces.

  • n° 2005/46 : G.  LANCIEN,
    A survey on the Szlenk index and some of its applications.

  • n° 2005/45 : C.  STRICKER, T.  CHOULLI, J.  LI,
    Minimal Hellinger martingale measures of order $q$.

  • n° 2005/44 : P.  HILD, Y.  RENARD,
    An error estimate for the Signorini problem with Coulomb friction approximated by finite elements.

  • n° 2005/43 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    A note on the Grothendieck ring of the symmetric group.

  • n° 2005/42 : M.  MARIS, O.  LOPES,
    Symmetry of minimizers for some nonlocal variational problems.

  • n° 2005/41 : M.  BOSTAN, G.  NAMAH,
    Time periodic viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations.

  • n° 2005/40 : M.  BOSTAN, T.  GOUDON,
    High-electric-field limit for the Vlasov-Maxwell-Fokker-Planck system.

  • n° 2005/39 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Almost periodic solutions for first order differential equations.

  • n° 2005/38 : M.  HARAGUS, A.  SCHEEL,
    A bifurcation approach to non-planar traveling waves in reaction-diffusion systems.

  • n° 2005/37 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO, M.  LESCOP,
    Iwasawa descent and co-descent for units modulo circular units.

  • n° 2005/36 : A.  MÜNCH,
    An implicit scheme uniformly controllable for the 2-D wave equation.

  • n° 2005/35 : H.  LOMBARDI, C.  QUITTÉ, G.M.  DIAZ-TOCA,
    L’algèbre de décomposition universelle (Universal Decomposition Algebra).

  • n° 2005/34 : B.  ANDREIANOV, N.  IGBIDA,
    Uniqueness for inhomogeneous Dirichlet problem for elliptic-parabolic equations.

  • n° 2005/33 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND,
    A logical approach to abstract algebra.

  • n° 2005/32 : L.  JEANJEAN, J.  BYEON,
    Multi-peak standing waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with a general nonlinearity.

  • n° 2005/31 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO,
    Sur la conjecture faible de Greenberg dans le cas abélien $p$-décomposé.

  • n° 2005/30 : J.  BELLIARD,
    Global units modulo circular units : descent without Iwasawa’s main conjecture.

  • n° 2005/29 : H.  LOMBARDI, C.  QUITTÉ,
    Comparaison de groupes de Picard en dimension 1.

  • n° 2005/28 : E.  RICARD,
    The von Neumann algebra generated by $t$-gaussians.

  • n° 2005/27 : M.  SBIHI,
    A resolvent approach to the stability of essential and critical spectra of perturbed $C_0$-semigroups on Hilbert spaces with applications to transport theory.

  • n° 2005/26 : C.  BONNAFÉ, J.  MICHEL, G.I.  LEHRER,
    Twisted invariant theory for reflection groups.

  • n° 2005/25 : J.  MIELLOU,
    Préconditionnement polynomial : séries tronquées de Neumann et méthode des approximations successives.

  • n° 2005/24 : D.  VAUCLAIR,
    Cup-produit, noyaux de capitulation étales et conjecture de Greenberg généralisée.

  • n° 2005/23 : L.  JEANJEAN, J.  BYEON,
    Standing waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with a general nonlinearity.

  • n° 2005/22 : G.  LANCIEN, P.  HÁJEK,
    Various slicing indices on Banach spaces.

  • n° 2005/21 : H.  LOMBARDI, I.  YENGUI, C.  QUITTÉ,
    Hidden constructions in abstract algebra (6).
    The theorem of Maroscia, Brewer and Costa.

  • n° 2005/20 : S.  CHRÉTIEN, A.  HERO,
    On EM algorithms and their proximal generalizations.

  • n° 2005/19 : M.  SBIHI, B.  LODS,
    Stability of the essential spectrum for $2D$-transport models with Maxwell boundary conditions.

  • n° 2005/18 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    Sur les caractères des groupes réductifs finis à centre non connexe : applications aux groupes spéciaux linéaires et unitaires.

  • n° 2005/17 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Weak solutions for the Vlasov-Poisson initial-boundary value problem with bounded electric field.

  • n° 2005/16 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Asymptotic behavior of weak solutions for the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell equations with large light speed. Convergence toward weak solutions for the classical Vlasov-Poisson equations.

  • n° 2005/15 : H.  LOMBARDI, M.  ALONSO, H.  PERDRY,
    Elementary constructive theory of Henselian local rings.

  • n° 2005/14 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI, M.  SBIHI,
    Spectral mapping theorems for neutron transport, $L^1$-theory.

    On symmetrizable operators on Hilbert spaces.

  • n° 2005/12 : J.  ROYDOR,
    Subalgebras of $C(\Omega,M_n)$ and their modules.

  • n° 2005/11 : S.  NEUWIRTH,
    Cycles and 1-unconditional matrices.

  • n° 2005/10 : B.  SAUSSEREAU, D.  NUALART,
    Malliavin calculus for stochastic differential equation driven by a fractional Brownian motion.

  • n° 2005/9 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, C.  QUITTÉ,
    Dimension de Heitmann des treillis distributifs et des anneaux commutatifs.

  • n° 2005/8 : E.  RICARD, Q.  XU,
    Khintchine type inequalities for reduced free products and Applications.

  • n° 2005/7 : Q.  XU,
    Embedding of $C_q$ and $R_q$ into noncommutative $L_p$-spaces, $1 \leq p< q \leq 2$.

  • n° 2005/6 : Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE,
    Noncommutative maximal ergodic theorems.

  • n° 2005/5 : A.  MÜNCH, C.  CASTRO, S.  MICU,
    Numerical approximation of the boundary control of the 2-D wave equation with mixed finite elements.

  • n° 2005/4 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    Two-sided cells in type $B$ (asymptotic case).

    On contractive projections in Hardy spaces.

  • n° 2005/2 : H.  OUKHABA,
    Elliptic units and sign functions.

  • n° 2005/1 : A.  MÜNCH,
    Optimal internal stabilization of a damped wave Equation by a level set approach.

  • n° 2004/36 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    A note on the coinvariant algebra of a finite reflection group.

  • n° 2004/35 : P.  HILD, Y.  RENARD,
    Local uniqueness and continuation of solutions for the discrete Coulomb friction problem in elastostatics.

  • n° 2004/34 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Boundary value problem for the $N$ dimensional time periodic Vlasov-Poisson system.

  • n° 2004/33 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Boundary value problem for the three dimensional time periodic Vlasov-Maxwell system.

  • n° 2004/32 : M.  HARAGUS, A.  SCHEEL,
    Almost planar waves in anisotropic media.

  • n° 2004/31 : G.  LANCIEN, I.  DOUST,
    The spectral type of sums of operators on non-Hilbertian Banach lattices.

  • n° 2004/30 : A.  MÜNCH,
    Implicit scheme uniformly controllable for the 1-D wave system.

  • n° 2004/29 : C.  STRICKER, T.  CHOULLI,
    More on minimal entropy-Hellinger martingale measure.

  • n° 2004/28 : P.  HILD,
    A stick criterion for friction problems in 2D and 3D.

  • n° 2004/27 : H.  LOMBARDI, I.  YENGUI,
    Suslin’s algorithms for reduction of unimodular rows.

  • n° 2004/26 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, P.  SCHUSTER,
    A nilregular element property.

  • n° 2004/25 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Existence and uniqueness of the mild solution for the 1D Vlasov-Poisson initial-boundary value problem.

  • n° 2004/24 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO, D.  VAUCLAIR,
    $K_2$ et conjecture de Greenberg dans les $ \mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions multiples.

  • n° 2004/23 : P.  PORTAL, Z.  STRKALJ,
    $L_p$ boundedness of pseudodifferential operators with operator valued symbols and application.

  • n° 2004/22 : T.  BELIAEVA,
    Unités semi-locales modulo sommes de Gauss.

  • n° 2004/21 : M.  BOSTAN, P.  HILD,
    Starting flow analysis for Bingham fluids.

  • n° 2004/20 : L.  JEANJEAN, A.  AVILA,
    A result on singularly perturbed elliptic problems.

  • n° 2004/19 : M.  MARIS,
    Global branches of travelling-waves to a Gross-Pitaevskii-Schrödinger system in one dimension.

  • n° 2004/18 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO, R.  BADINO,
    Sur les égalités du miroir et certaines formes faibles de la conjecture de Greenberg.

  • n° 2004/17 : C.  LE MERDY, B.  HAAK,
    $\alpha$-admissibility of observation and control operators.

  • n° 2004/16 : F.  LANCIEN, C.  LE MERDY,
    Square functions and $H^infty$ calculus on subspaces of $L^p$ and on Hardy spaces.

  • n° 2004/15 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Momentum compactly supported solutions for the boundary value Vlasov problem.

  • n° 2004/14 : Q.  XU,
    A description of $(C_p[L_p(M)], R_p[L_p(M)])_\theta$.

  • n° 2004/13 : Q.  XU,
    Operator space Grothendieck inequalities for noncommutative $L_p$-spaces.

  • n° 2004/12 : Q.  XU, T.  MARTINEZ, J.L.  TORREA,
    Vector-valued Littlewood-Paley-Stein theory for semigroups.

  • n° 2004/11 : P.  HILD, S.  NICAISE,
    A posteriori error estimations of residual type for Signorini’s problem.

  • n° 2004/10 : J.  ASSIM, A.  MOVAHHEDI,
    Bounds for étale capitulation kernels.

  • n° 2004/9 : G.  NAMAH, A.  ABBASSI,
    Characterization of the speed of a two-phase interface in a porous medium.

    On the extension of Hölder maps with values in spaces of converging sequences.

  • n° 2004/7 : H.  OUKHABA,
    Sign functions of imaginary quadratic fields and applications.

  • n° 2004/6 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, P.  SCHUSTER,
    The projective spectrum as a distributive lattice.

  • n° 2004/5 : P.  VITSE,
    A Besov class functional calculus for bounded holomorphic semigroups and Tadmor-Ritt operators.

  • n° 2004/4 : B.  SAUSSEREAU, B.  BERGÉ,
    On the long-time behaviour of a class of parabolic SPDE’s : monotonicity methods and exchange of stability.

  • n° 2004/3 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, C.  QUITTÉ,
    Generating non-noetherian modules constructively.

  • n° 2004/2 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI, K.  SBIHI,
    Critical spectrum and spectral mapping theorems in transport theory.

  • n° 2004/1 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    Quasi-isolated elements in reductive groups.

  • n° 2003/43 : C.  STRICKER, T.  CHOULLI,
    Minimal entropy-Hellinger martingale measure in incomplete markets.

  • n° 2003/42 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    On the leading eigenvalue of neutron transport models.

  • n° 2003/41 : N.  GRENIER BOLEY, M.G.  MAHMOUDI,
    Exact sequences of Witt groups.

  • n° 2003/40 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO, A.  MOVAHHEDI, M.  LE FLOC’H,
    On capitulation cokernels in Iwasawa theory.

  • n° 2003/39 : P.  HILD, N.  SAKKI,
    On solution multiplicity in friction problems with normal compliance.

  • n° 2003/38 : P.  HILD,
    Non-unique slipping in the Coulomb friction model in two-dimensional linear elasticity.

  • n° 2003/37 : Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE, Z.  RUAN,
    Rigid $mathcal{OL}_p$ structures of non-commutative $ L_p$-spaces associated with hyperfinite von Neumann algebras.

  • n° 2003/36 : Q.  XU,
    On the maximality of subdiagonal algebras.

  • n° 2003/35 : Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE,
    The optimal orders of growth of the best constants in some non-commutative martingale inequalities.

  • n° 2003/34 : T.  MEI,
    Operator valued Hardy spaces.

  • n° 2003/33 : J.  CRESSON, C.  GUILLET,
    Création d’hyperbolicité et phénomène de transversalité-torsion.

  • n° 2003/32 : L.  JEANJEAN, K.  TANAKA,
    A positive solution for a nonlinear Schrödinger equation on $\mathbb{R}^N$.

  • n° 2003/31 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND, M.  ROY,
    Une caractérisation élémentaire de la dimension de Krull.

  • n° 2003/30 : H.  LOMBARDI, C.  QUITTÉ,
    Décryptage constructif des preuves classiques, un cas d’école : le théorème d’Artin en théorie de Galois.

  • n° 2003/29 : H.  LOMBARDI, T.  COQUAND,
    A short proof for the Krull dimension of a polynomial ring.

  • n° 2003/28 : H.  LOMBARDI,
    Structures algébriques dynamiques, espaces topologiques sans points et programme de Hilbert.

  • n° 2003/27 : J.  CRESSON,
    Scale geometry I. Fractal coordinates systems and scale relativity.

  • n° 2003/26 : J.  CRESSON,
    Hyperbolicity, transversality and analytic first integrals.

  • n° 2003/25 : J.  CRESSON,
    Non differentiable variational principles.

  • n° 2003/24 : J.  CRESSON,
    Scale calculus and the Schrödinger equation.

  • n° 2003/23 : J.  CRESSON, F.  BEN ADDA,
    Fractional differential equations and the Schrödinger equation.

  • n° 2003/22 : P.  PORTAL,
    Maximal regularity of evolution equations on discrete time scales.

  • n° 2003/21 : B.  ANDREIANOV, F.  BOUHSISS,
    Uniqueness for an elliptic-parabolic problem with Neuman boundary condition.

  • n° 2003/20 : M.  HARAGUS, A.  SCHEEL,
    Corner defects in almost planar interface propagation.
    Défauts faibles en propagation d’interfaces planes.

  • n° 2003/19 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO,
    Conjecture Principale Equivariante, idéaux de Fitting et annulateurs en théorie d’Iwasawa.

  • n° 2003/18 : C.  STRICKER, Y.  KABANOV, J.  COURTAULT, F.  DELBAEN,
    On the law of one price.

  • n° 2003/17 : B.  LODS,
    Variational characterizations of the criticality eigenvalue in nuclear reactor theory.

  • n° 2003/16 : J.  CROLET, N.  LABANI,
    Approximation of the capillary phenomena in a tube.

  • n° 2003/15 : T.  NGUYEN QUANG DO, J.  ASSIM,
    Généralisations du lemme de Kummer.

  • n° 2003/14 : B.  LODS,
    On the spectrum of absorption operators with Maxwell boundary conditions arising in population dynamics and transport theory. A unified treatment.

  • n° 2003/13 : M.  BOSTAN,
    Permanent regimes for the 1D Vlasov-Poisson system with boundary conditions.

  • n° 2003/12 : C.  LE MERDY, Q.  XU, M.  JUNGE,
    Calcul fonctionnel et fonctions carrées dans les espaces $L^p$ non commutatifs.

  • n° 2003/11 : C.  BONNAFÉ,
    Actions of relative Weyl groups II.

  • n° 2003/10 : L.  JEANJEAN, M.  COLIN,
    Solutions for a quasilinear Schrödinger equation : a dual approach.

  • n° 2003/9 : B.  SAUSSEREAU, V.  BALLY,
    A relative compactness criterion in Wiener-Sobolev spaces and application to semi-linear Stochastic P.D.Es.

    Null-controllability of some systems of parabolic type by one control force.

  • n° 2003/7 : H.  LOMBARDI, C.  QUITTÉ, L.  DUCOS, M.  SALOU,
    Théorie algorithmique des anneaux arithmétiques, des anneaux de Prüfer et des anneaux de Dedekind.

  • n° 2003/6 : H.  OUKHABA,
    Les unités elliptiques de Rubin dans les $ \mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions.

  • n° 2003/5 : L.  JEANJEAN, K.  TANAKA,
    A note on a montain pass characterization of least energy solutions.

  • n° 2003/4 : C.  STRICKER, Y.  KABANOV,
    Remarks on the true no-arbitrage property.

  • n° 2003/3 : C.  BONNAFÉ, L.  IANCU,
    Left cells in type $B_n$ with unequal parameters.

  • n° 2003/2 : F.  AMMAR KHODJA, M.M.  SANTOS,
    Stationary solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for inhomogeneous incompressible fluids in 2d domains with channels having bounded cross sections.

  • n° 2003/1 : M.  MOKHTAR-KHARROUBI,
    Homogenization of neutron transport problems.