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Archives des séminaires 2017-2018

Decomposability and 2-positivity of linear map from $M_3(\mathbb{C})$ to $M_9(\mathbb{C})$

Gunjan Sapra (Kyoto university)
We give a criterion which is a necessary and sufficient condition for a linear map to be k-positive and show that how equivariance is a useful to (...)

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Stabilité spectrale pour l’équation de Lugiato-Lefever

Lucie Delcey (LMB)
Dans cet exposé, nous nous intéresserons à l’équation de Lugiato-Lefever : $\displaystyle\frac\partial \psi\partial t=-i\beta \frac\partial^2 \psi\partial x^2-(1+i\alpha)\psi (...)

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Universal consistency of k-NN rule in $\sigma$-finite dimensional metric spaces

Sushma Kumari (Kyoto university)
The $k$-nearest neighbour (NN) rule is one of the important learning rules in machine learning. We start with the definition of the $k$-NN rule and universal (...)

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